Projects not realised

In the realm of art, ideas often emerge as a reflection of the times we live in, encapsulating our hopes, fears, and dreams. 

“Fading Stars”

A not realised art project on Folkestone beach UK" January 31-2020.

The proposed art project on Folkestone Beach in the UK, envisioned to coincide with the day of Brexit, was one such poignant concept that sought to capture the essence of a historic moment in time. 
This project, involving the creation of the European flag's stars in the sand, was a symbol of unity and division, a testament to the fleeting nature of human endeavors.
The backdrop for this project was the looming Brexit, a decision that had stirred intense emotions and divided the nation. The European flag, with its twelve stars on a blue background, had become a powerful symbol of unity and cooperation among European nations. 

The chosen canvas for this temporary work was Folkestone Beach, a location that held both historical and symbolic importance. The beach, with its ever-shifting sands and tides, was a symbol of the transient nature of change.

The symbolic significance of this art project lay in its ephemerality. Just as Brexit marked a momentous departure, the stars drawn in the sand were destined to be washed away by the incoming tide, fading into memory like so many chapters in history. I saw this as a reflection of the transitory nature of political decisions and the importance of cherishing the bonds of unity and cooperation that had been built over decades, reminding us of our shared past and future.