Self Portraits

Self-portraits provide a means for artists to explore and express their own identity, emotions, and personal experiences. 

By turning the focus inward, artists can depict themselves in a way that reflects their unique perspective, capturing their physical features, psychological state, and inner thoughts.

Self-portraits also serve as a historical and cultural record, offering insights into the artist's life and the society in which they lived. These artworks can provide valuable documentation, contributing to our understanding of history and societal values.

By being both the subject and creator, self-portraits can serve as a form of introspection and self-reflection for the artist, allowing them to examine their own emotions, vulnerabilities, and sense of self. 

As viewers, we can relate to the human experience portrayed in the self-portrait, connecting with emotions and narratives expressed by the artist. Self-portraits can evoke empathy, introspection, and a sense of shared history, reflection on our selfs forging a deeper connection between the artist and the audience.

52°48'32.1"N 6°55'43.3"E

Same but different

52°48'32.1"N 6°55'43.3"E
Same but different.