Thoughts and prayers, 

past present and upcoming.


Can’t tell you more yet


Back to Calais

Calais France, I’m coming here for almost 10 years  from 2015 on, 

A story we should not forget, an ongoing story on the north west coast of France  


Two years

We talk about two years war today, but in fact it’s already going on for 10 years. 

From the revolution of dignity, to the Crimea invasion by Russia, 

the war against the separatist backed by Russia in the Donbas and Luhansk , the murder of 298 people on flight MH17 by Russia. 

Photo Kyiv February 9-2022


The revolution of Dignity

10 years, 

the revolution of dignity 

Memorial of the heavenly hundred heroes 

Who died for the freedom and dignity of Ukrainians

Photo, February 8-2022 Kyiv 


New studio

From today on you can find me in my new studio, at Treehouse NDSM Amsterdam.


Ice skating and research up north

Luleå Sweden 


Back to reality 

Nurdles, tiny plastic pellets, and other small parts of plastic causing devastating damage to our environment.

And you find them everywhere like here on the beach at Zandvoort, the Netherlands where I’m walking now. 
In Spain it’s big in the news these days after millions of tiny plastic pellets spilled by a cargo ship and washed up on beaches in Galicia Spain.

These tiny bits of plastic are difficult to clean up from the environment.
Fish, sea turtles, but also seagulls see them as food, and all these microplastics are ending  up in the food chain of all marine life.

We humans created a problem that is way above our imagination.

Even clothes with materials like polyester, nylon, polyamide or acrylic, release microplastics, in the form of fibers, into the air and water.

When you drink bottled water, realise that you are drinking also nano plastics, where bottled water contains thousands of nanoplastics.

just imagine, there’s plastic everywhere, we can’t see  but we we breath it..


The morning after.. 

2023 It has been a year marked by challenges, a delicate balance between stagnation and progress.

When 2023 opened its first pages, I found myself like paralysed by the daunting whiteness of the canvas in front of me. 

Now the first day of 2024 wakes me up, I find myself with an overflowing mental warehouse, brimming with ideas waiting to be brought to life. 
Looking back at the past year, I can say, it wasn’t my best year in life, it felt like a fight, a fight  with myself, not allowing myself to enjoy the days. 
now it’s 2024, a different energy, 

With 366 days ahead, that I’m looking forward too, (yes 366 we have one extra day this year, let’s not  spoil it.) 


Calais France

An ongoing story on the west coast of France.


A beautiful  composition broken








A12 The Hague


The Hague

That was it, 
Eleven days, 3068 pages.
There’s an elephant in the room, (the lack of sense of necessity)

The Guardian called it a blistering performance..


Kyiv Ukraine

President Macron is visiting the city, I saw the convoy heading towards the presidential palace, heavily guarded. A few hundred meters away children with sleds enjoy themselves carefree by whizzing down a hill. 
In the evening I was showed where the nearest bomb shelter was in case it would be necessary.

Windy corners,
where the wind carries the weight of forgotten dreams and the echoes of time,

Rendezvous at a windy corner, cross pollinations to explore, to question, to provoke, to inspire, to disturb, and to connect in the search for new answers.