Value beyond the level of aesthetic..

Study and experiment allows us to test and validate our ideas and hypotheses. By systematically exploring a particular topic or phenomenon, we can develop a deeper understanding of its underlying mechanisms and relationships.

From playing and serendipity, to serious studies and experiment, it all plays an essential role  in shaping the way we understand and interact with the world around us.

Value beyond the level of aesthetic..

A prescription to understand, to take you with me in my mind, my thoughts and prayers.

You can only understand, when knowing what lies behind.

“Mentoring by existence” Virgil Abloh

Study and experiment


Wool reflects the landscape, climate, and soil, creating a unique and diverse range of textures and colors. This connection to nature and the farming community is an essential part of the beauty of raw wool, and it gives the material a sense of authenticity and integrity.

Play blocks

Creativity knows no age limits, and the act of creation continues to hold immense importance in human development fostering various cognitive, emotional, and physical skills. While often associated with children, the utilization of wooden play blocks can have profound benefits for mature individuals as we

Field trips

Field trips

River Rhine

Walking is the best way to be present in today's world, to perceive what we often pass too quickly, the human dimension in experiences.