“Collecting ingredients from other fields is where I find new perspectives”

Rendezvous at a windy corner, cross pollinations to explore, to question, to provoke, to inspire, to disturb, and to connect in the search for new answers.

Windy corners, where the wind carries the weight of forgotten dreams and the echoes of time,


September 20-1976, 
Weerdinge the Netherlands


In art we have the responsibility to make visible what is invisible, the responsibility to record what should not be forgotten, the responsibility to speak up for those who cannot, the responsibility to create awareness.
As humanity faces demanding issues such as a changing climate, environmental challenges and social injustice, in art we have the responsibility to shed light on these issues and inspire action.

Art & activism

Art and activism, it’s a symbiotic relationship, 

It’s about raising awareness, its about pointing out social injustice, its about Hope..

We are at a crucial turning point in history, where the consequences of a changing climate and environmental issues becomes increasingly evident, Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, the loss of biodiversity and precious ecosystems, forever chemicals, microplastics, are just a few examples of what our planet is facing.

This is something that affects every single one of us,

We can discuss about the consequences of a changing climate,
but we can’t deny it.
A changing climate is nothing new to planet earth, but the fact is; we as humans made it worse, it's not a normal fluctuation in the millions of years anymore, it's a fast incoming reality that we can't avoid and is threatening human rights around the world

We must be aware of our influence as humans on the earth, the consequences of our actions, our responsibility to the future. 

In this negative flow I see HOPE !
I see the hope in our collective power of the individual to create change, to raise awareness to take action!

Raising Awareness is often seen as doomsday thinking kind of view.
But is it from out a doomsday thinking kind of view? 

I think it’s from out of Hope, 
because when we wouldn’t have hope there would be no action, we wouldn’t raise our voices, we wouldn’t take action.

This is something we all can do on our own way, where everyone has their own sphere of influence and therefore their own ability to bring about change from small to large steps!

By standing up in hope, our dedication and passion inspires others to take action and sparking systemic change.

Hope is hip, and it better stay like that.

Important note: Climate action that is not anchored in a human rights-based approach risks further violating human rights.