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❱ There’s an elephant in the room.

Kyoto, Paris, IPCC

Kyoto, Paris, IPCC

3 works 53x71 cm
Printed and punched colored paper on white paper.

Price on request

(printed summaries of the Kyoto protocol 1997, the Paris climate agreement 2015 and the IPCC sixth assessment report of 2022)
This work
was the impetus for my performance/art intervention; there’s an elephant in the room the lack of sense of necessity. 
Amare, The Hague,november 2022






Spring 2022.

Blossom, the spring confetti, drifting like snow through the streets. The sense of joy, spring dispelling the gray skies where this winter seemed like an everlasting autumn.

The winters are getting milder, the summers with more extremes, drought, floodings, wildfires. 

There is a party on the corner of the street, I remember the fuss in February about whether carnival could continue because of the pandemic (Covid19), if there were no more important things at stake.

My thoughts melted my sense of joy, the new IPCC reports made a fresh new memory showing the lack of sense of necessity.