Art is about reflection and our perception of time and space what is framed by our thoughts.

Art is a way to stimulate self-reflection, to stimulate our perspective of time and space where self reflection is always in reflection to another, to the world around. Art, activism, stories reflect on us and the other way around.

Thats why it is not only what do you get from my work as a viewer? but what do we create together.

The process of creating starts with imagination, the flexibility of mind, with research, with reflecting on ourselves and the world around.
Art is in a way always a kind of autobiographic where you put something in from yourself, your memories, your reflection on time and space.

labour and time are two ingredients that often come to the fore in my work, in combination with an activist undertone.


A prescription to understand, to take you with me in my mind, my thoughts and prayers.

You can only understand, when knowing what lies behind.